Tattoo statistics

Sphere of tattoo creation is really popular, especially nowadays, because people are falling in love with tattoos and try to make something special on their bodies. Tattoo masters learn new technologies, styles and trends to impress everyone with their creations.   If styles of tattoos are widely known, lots of people can see the difference […]

Where to find ideas?

Tattoo creators look for inspiration everywhere, starting with other designer’s works and finishing with nature masterpieces. To find some new ideas for creators it would be a perfect decision to look through the projects on DC contest, that are full of unique and interesting design, that may inspire everyone.   Also, every year, many tutorials […]

The best tattoo machines

Every tattoo creator knows and understands that tattoo machine is that brush, which helps him with drawing his masterpieces, so it’s necessary for anyone to choose the best one.   A good machine would cost some money, so it must not be a surprise, high quality needs high price. So here is a top of […]

Tattoo facts

Sphere of tattoo creation is one of the most interesting, it is full of facts, which are unknown to average people. So let’s try to underline the main facts about tattoo:      

Tattoo styles

Tattoo creation is a very difficult and interesting stuff, that needs some special knowledge to do it. Everyone can see the difference between tattoos, different colors, size and styles. So what tattoo styles there are?   Traditional (Old school) Realism Watercolor New School Dotwork

Tattoo design inspiration

A tattoo is one of the most popular ways to make your body beautiful and unique. Designing it, every creator tries to do something special, that was never made before.   Looking for inspiration it’s enough to look through the Internet, that is full of perfect examples of tattoos and marvelous pictures. So here is […]